Keith D. Pete Johnson

Digital Media Adviser

I possess the powerful and rather unusual combination of being able to both analyze and empathize. Yes, I understand numbers, facts, data and proof. But I also understand human beings. I can explain things to people. I can explain people to other people. I can connect people with things. Where others see only data, I see stories, trends and movements. I bridge the gap between raging emotions and hard facts. I have endless curiosity about what makes people tick and models of human behavior fascinate me. I tend to be a psychoanalysis junkie. My sense of human engineering is keen. I’m a stabilizing force in tumultuous situations.

My ideal role is developing systems, people and processes, but I do so with great attention to feelings and connotations. I’m not a cold executor, so in life I have a deep awareness of what the common experience feels like. Things that most people don’t notice irritate me – because I know they’re not right. In concert with analytical people, I add flesh and softness to what would otherwise be a sterile-feeling environment. I massage raw ideas into fully mature, finished works.

Where others are touchy-feely and subjective, I’m rigorous and to the point. I have a keen awareness of both process details and end result. I break things down into their component parts and when something goes wrong I know exactly why. My incisive nature can grate on emotive people, yet I should make an effort to work with them. I can harness their connectedness to achieve not only desired outcomes, but do it tastefully and tactfully. Regular exposure to creative people and external ideas helps keep me from getting locked into rigid modes of thinking. In a life context, I’m highly dependent on visionaries to feed me with ideas as well as practical people who can add velvet to my hard edges.

I know that even though people may forget what I said, they remember how I said it. I hate to be remembered for hurting people’s feelings. People recall how they felt when they were with me. I compose the most important part of the story, which is the fleshy, human, messy part. I need visionaries to create the environment I live in; I need producers and analysts to pull off the technical details. Only with them in place am I comfortable engaging with the issues larger than myself. I have countless titles, but overall I am an artist. I am nothing more nothing less.